The time you spend promoting different affiliate marketing programs is about the same if you go for the high paying affiliate programs or the ones with low commissions. Usually the level of competition is much higher if you promote the “30 dollar affiliate program” you find on Click Bank, Commission Junction etc. If you have been struggling to make a few sales that only generated a small amount of money, you need to ask yourself if it’s worth your time! On this site you will find the best paying high ticket offers to promote with commissions of more than 100 dollars and all the way up to thousands of dollars per sale or programs with a recurring bill that makes these top affiliate programs very profitable in other ways.

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Do you find it hard to make money with affiliate programs?

-In that case you’ll soon discover why you are at the right place at the right time…

Online marketers that have been in the game for a while now probably remember the ”good old days” when affiliate marketing was as easy as setting up a Google adwords campaign with your affiliate link and get those highly targeted clicks for dirt cheap. The ROI’s were so high that you din’t even have to build an email list in order to make huge profits.
Although this method still works in some cases, you’ll have a hard time succeding because of one big problem... –so many other people started doing the exact same thing and as a result the market got saturated and the cost per clicks would soon skyrocket.
You may think: that’s not my problem because I’m not doing PPC ads with direct linking at all!
Unfortunately this is not a trend in affiliate marketing limited to only PPC advertising. The same goes for SEO, video marketing, facebook marketing etc. You may still benenfit from cheap facebook traffic but already now you’ll see that those clicks are getting more expensive and soon they will end up like Google adwords (to expensive for average Joe).
No matter what promotional method you choose to profit from affiliate programs you will experience the problem of ever growing competition in affiliate marketing.

The dream of economical freedom and passive income is very tempting and that’s the reason why so many affiliate marketers are promoting ”make money online” training programs, even marketers that havn’t made a single dime online promote these products!
You probably already know the result of this. The competition in affiliate marketing will continue growing in the future and that is why it’s time to make a smart decision!

Instead of promoting the clickbank products in the ”weigh loss” or ”making money online” highly competitive niches, pick a high ticket affiliate program on this site and build a niche site around that topic and get it ranked in the search engines.

The reason why high ticket affiliate programs and SEO is such a great combo is that SEO is heading towards a game of long tail keywords (which are easier to rank for) and high ticket affiliate programs have the ability to make huge profits with only a few conversions.

In other words, you don’t have to rank #1 for ”car rental.” In fact a good ”buyer keyword” like ”luxuary car rental in Las Vegas” that only generates a few conversions on a high ticket product each month have the potential to pull in huge profits.

Here’s how to make a good and simple keyword research for high profit niches, it’s really not that difficult..

A lot of people think that SEO is dead because of all the updates that are making it really hard for black hat SEO’s to game the search engines.
In reality this is a great opportunity for people with less experience in SEO because in many cases all it takes to rank for these low competition long tail keywords is good content and proper onpage SEO + a few quality backlinks. All these things can be outsourced if you don’t know how to do that. You’ll be surpriced how much quality you can get when you find the right people to work with. Just don’t head over to Fivver.com and buy 5,000 backlinks to your site and expect it will do anything good to your search engine rankings :-)
Usually you’ll find much higher quality on internet marketing forums like Warrior Forum, Wicked Fire, Traffic Planet wheather you are looking for content creation or SEO services.


Are you looking for a high tech yet simple way to increase the money that you make? It is time that you start considering supplementing your income with domain flipping. Domain flipping is essentially the same idea as real estate flipping, only in the digital world. The amount of money that you can make flipping domains on the internet is only as limited as your creativity and your drive.

Domain flipping is the process of buying internet domains, or addresses, and then selling them to people or companies who are looking for similar addresses. You are buying a domain at the standard, or a low price, then selling it to someone else for a higher price than you bought it for. If you turn over enough domains you can even make a profit if you only increase the price slightly. Obviously, the higher the markup on the domain the more money you can make.

One of the best ways to start making money with domain flipping is to buy website addresses that would be used by local businesses such as seattlepizza.com or newyorkhotdogs.com. With the popularity of local businesses over corporations these websites are selling quickly. Often times it is also extremely easy to convince current business owners to buy up the URLs to strategically link back to their websites or create websites to provide content that hint at visiting their website. Search Engine Optimization courses can help you determine the best domains to buy but simply focusing on keyword rich domains is the biggest key.

Websites that are no longer in service or expired often have worked hard to get a good Google page rank but that ranking doesn’t go away right after the domain is abandoned. Buying up domains that were once active and have backlinks and a high page rank can make you big money. People will want to buy these addresses because they are affordable but already have an internet infrastructure built around them including links from other websites back to the URL.

A great way to attract potential buyers of a domain is to contact websites or businesses with similar keywords to those in your domain. Ask them if they would be interested in buying your domain and explain to them that it could be used to direct more traffic their way. This won’t always work but it is a good way to get sales leads. If you get the company to agree on a price you will know how much you can afford to bid on auctions of domains.

To make a profit buying and selling domains you need to know where to buy them. There are two ways that you can buy domains, you can buy them through a normal domain service such as GoDaddy, Dreamhost, or Globat and then sell them. Typically purchasing domains through these services will be cheaper but they will not be page ranked. You also have to be very creative to be able to come up with domain names that aren’t already taken that will sell.

Or you can buy them from an aftermarket domain service such as Namejet or Sedo, GoDaddy also has an aftermarket service. Aftermarket domain services work similar to Ebay or any other auction website where you bid on the domain name. Names sell for anywhere from $8 to hundreds of thousands of dollars. More often domains sell for less than $10,000.

When it comes time to sell your domain you can use one of the aftermarket domain auction services mentioned above or use a service such as Ebay. Typically the aftermarket services are a better option unless you have a very high profile domain name. Unless an entrepreneur or corporation is very intent on getting a domain name or you advertise your auction chances are they will not go to Ebay to look for a domain name.

One of the best rules to create for yourself when it comes to buying domains is to only buy domains that you think you can make a 100% profit on. This will give you leeway even if you can’t make a 100% profit. At the very least you want to be able to sell the domain name for no loss even if that means you won’t make a profit.

Selling anything can be difficult but domain flipping is a great way to make money and supplement your income. Some sellers are even able to work only part time jobs because they make enough money with their domain flipping income to make up the difference. You too can join the domain flipping industry and make money.


Do you want to take domain flipping to the next level?

Then you might want to flip not only domains but entire websites (website flipping) You’ll find some high paying domain flipping affiliate programs here

How To Outsource Blog Content Creation

Many people who run blogs are not writers. They are in it for the profit or to help people connect with the information they need. That is why a large portion of blog owners outsource their blog content creation. Sometimes it even just comes down to not having the time to create content for their blog. No matter what your reasoning is for wanting to outsource your blog content creation here is how you can get the best bang for your money