The time you spend promoting different affiliate marketing programs is about the same if you go for the high paying affiliate programs or the ones with low commissions. Usually the level of competition is much higher if you promote the “30 dollar affiliate program” you find on Click Bank, Commission Junction etc. If you have been struggling to make a few sales that only generated a small amount of money, you need to ask yourself if it’s worth your time! On this site you will find the best paying high ticket offers to promote with commissions of more than 100 dollars and all the way up to thousands of dollars per sale or programs with a recurring bill that makes these top affiliate programs very profitable in other ways.

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Do you find it hard to make money with affiliate programs?

-In that case you’ll soon discover why you are at the right place at the right time…

Online marketers that have been in the game for a while now probably remember the ”good old days” when affiliate marketing was as easy as setting up a Google adwords campaign with your affiliate link and get those highly targeted clicks for dirt cheap. The ROI’s were so high that you din’t even have to build an email list in order to make huge profits.
Although this method still works in some cases, you’ll have a hard time succeding because of one big problem... –so many other people started doing the exact same thing and as a result the market got saturated and the cost per clicks would soon skyrocket.
You may think: that’s not my problem because I’m not doing PPC ads with direct linking at all!
Unfortunately this is not a trend in affiliate marketing limited to only PPC advertising. The same goes for SEO, video marketing, facebook marketing etc. You may still benenfit from cheap facebook traffic but already now you’ll see that those clicks are getting more expensive and soon they will end up like Google adwords (to expensive for average Joe).
No matter what promotional method you choose to profit from affiliate programs you will experience the problem of ever growing competition in affiliate marketing.

The dream of economical freedom and passive income is very tempting and that’s the reason why so many affiliate marketers are promoting ”make money online” training programs, even marketers that havn’t made a single dime online promote these products!
You probably already know the result of this. The competition in affiliate marketing will continue growing in the future and that is why it’s time to make a smart decision!

Instead of promoting the clickbank products in the ”weigh loss” or ”making money online” highly competitive niches, pick a high ticket affiliate program on this site and build a niche site around that topic and get it ranked in the search engines.

The reason why high ticket affiliate programs and SEO is such a great match is that SEO is heading towards a game of long tail keywords (which are easier to rank for) and high ticket affiliate programs have the ability to make huge profits with only a few conversions.

In other words, you don’t have to rank #1 for ”car rental.” In fact a good ”buyer keyword” like ”luxuary car rental in Las Vegas” that only generates a few conversions on a high ticket product each month have the potential to pull in huge profits.

Here’s how to make a good and simple keyword research for high profit niches, it’s really not that difficult..

A lot of people think that SEO is dead because of all the updates that are making it really hard for black hat SEO’s to game the search engines.
In reality this is a great opportunity for people with less experience in SEO because in many cases all it takes to rank for these low competition long tail keywords is good content and proper onpage SEO + a few quality backlinks. All these things can be outsourced if you don’t know how to do that. You’ll be surpriced how much quality you can get when you find the right people to work with. Just don’t head over to Fivver.com and buy 5,000 backlinks to your site and expect it will do anything good to your search engine rankings :-)
Usually you’ll find much higher quality on internet marketing forums like Warrior Forum, Wicked Fire, Traffic Planet wheather you are looking for content creation or SEO services.

Why You Should Buy Expired Domains

Every day thousands, if not more, domains expire. Many of these domains are never renewed either because a company went out of business or merged or even just didn’t want that web address anymore. When these domains expire they are open to be purchased again. There are many benefits to purchasing one of these domains, let’s take a look at some of them.

Expired Domains Have History

Expired domains have been on the internet for at least a year because the shortest time that you can register a domain is a year. One year is a lot of time to be on the internet, enough in fact for millions of people to view the website hosted on the domain. The history that has already been created means that you might catch viewers from the old website but it means more than that.

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Google trusts websites that have an established presence. For at least the first three to four months Google will give your website a down ranking for being new. By buying an expired domain you are buying a domain that has history and Google will give you credit for that.


An established website will have people that have linked back to it. These backlinks will provide natural traffic to your website. Some of them might get taken down when the owner of the website providing the backlink realizes you bought the domain but a good majority of them won’t. These backlinks will allow you to also have a higher Google Page Rank. One of the items Google uses to calculate Page Rank is the number of people who naturally backlink to your website.

You Can Redirect Domains

You can buy expired domains that have a history and links to them and redirect them to your website. Because the domain has links to it and people remember it they will go to the domain, when they do they will find themselves redirected to your website instead.

The Actual Name Might Match Your Brand

With all of the different domains out there it can be hard to find a domain name that matches your brand. By buying an expired domain name you can make the chances of your domain name matching your business higher.

Expired Domains Can Earn You Money

A lot of people don’t realize it but expired domains can earn you a lot of money. People want domain names that have a history behind them and a good SEO metrics such as page authority, domain authority, citation flow and most importantly trust flow! There are a variety of auction websites that you can post the expired domains that you purchase on to make yourself money. Some domains up for auction make thousands, hundreds of thousands, or even millions of dollars. It depends on the value of your domain name and its history. It is also useful to buy domains that have at least one keyword in them.

You Can Make A Statement

People have purchased domains right as they expire before in order to make statements. Organization’s and political party’s domains have been purchased at the time they expire and replaced with a significant message, usually against the previous stance that the domain took.

Big Benefit For Little Work

Most sources for expired domains make it very easy to get your new domain. This means that the benefit of increased traffic and better standing with google comes with very little work on your end. Most expired domain purchases or auctions are just as simple as purchasing a domain regularly. All you need to do is transfer it to your webhost.

Buying an expired domain name can be one of the best things you do for your online presence. When using an expired domain to start off your online presence there is the chance that you can more than double the normal amount of visitors you would start with when you initially launch your website. By purchasing one of the many domain names that expires every day you are doing a good thing for your business. It is important to do your research though and see whether the domain you are interested in purchasing has a good history and a high enough metrics to satisfy you.

How To Make Huge Profits With Domain Flipping

Are you looking for a high tech yet simple way to increase the money that you make? It is time that you start considering supplementing your income with domain flipping. Domain flipping is essentially the same idea as real estate flipping, only in the digital world. The amount of money that you can make flipping domains on the internet is only as limited as your creativity and your drive

How To Outsource Blog Content Creation

Many people who run blogs are not writers. They are in it for the profit or to help people connect with the information they need. That is why a large portion of blog owners outsource their blog content creation. Sometimes it even just comes down to not having the time to create content for their blog. No matter what your reasoning is for wanting to outsource your blog content creation here is how you can get the best bang for your money